The new Compact Toro launched at Berlin expo

Introducing Formula K’s new coin-op mini-car for small footprint operations

At the EAS Berlin Exhibition last month Formula K are launched the newest of their COMPACT range
of mini cars. Retaining the much loved appearance and features of the ever popular
Toro mini car, the COMPACT version has been optimised for smaller areas often considered
to be unsuitable for a conventional mini-car operation. Like the COMPACT Quad that preceded
this latest car, the new model steers using a single hidden wheel positioned within the car
which decreases the turning radius by 50% and creates an extremely light and manageable
steering action for the youngest of riders. The single wheel also allows the car to be made
narrower without compromising the well loved aesthetics of the original which further increases
the practicality of use in smaller areas.


cutout toro compact

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