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The Formula K mini-car range is a product of many years research and development with the primary goal of designing and manufacturing a safe yet highly appealing driving experience for the youngest age ranges equally at home in an indoor or outdoor environment.

All built around a power efficient maintenance free motor and transaxle unit whose power is delivered by a 24 Volt AGM battery system ensuring a full operational day per charge cycle.

The ride cycle is fully automated by a purpose built central on board ECU that manages vehicle functions as well as auto start stop to time presets, input reactive engine noise simulations, ride cycle counting and vehicle systems status, amongst many more operator functions.

All Mini-cars are coin-op ready utilising versatile and reliable electronic coin validators or can be manually or radio controlled by an operator. These systems can work seamlessly together and can also feature a zoned stopping area system optimising operation for each individual operators needs.

All mini-cars are also capable of seating an assisting adult for less confident children.

A mini-car operation can also be extremely space efficient with smaller operations using as little as 25 M2 of floor space.

Quad Quad
Compact Quad Compact Quad
Toro Toro
Compact Toro Compact Toro
Tractor Tractor
F1 F1
Cabrio Cabrio
Jeep Jeep
Roadster Roadster

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Who we work with

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Ranger brought into the range of mini cars

April 5, 2019
Formula K has developed one of its most striking prototype designs into a full commercially ready operational mini-car. The Ranger, a recognizable off-road styled children’s car was originally developed...


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