For over 30 years Formula K have been designing, manufacturing and assembling world leading go-karts for the leisure market.

The history and heritage in the manufacture of this product is synonymous with build quality, innovation, simplicity of operation and above all exemplary safety measures, making them the prime choice for any operator considering a viable commercial driving attraction for the 1O+ age groups.

When used in conjunction with a operator remote controlled safety system, and a specifically designed track layout a go-kart operation can offer a unique ride experience that conventional fixed action rides can rarely achieve.

Traditionally leisure go-karts worldwide have been powered by efficient 4 stroke gasoline engines and to this day that option still offers an effective and reliable power source that provides an exhilarating driving experience for the user and an inexpensive manageable element for the operator.

However in today’s world there is a constant demand for more ecological and cleaner options for vehicles and in response to this Formula K has made its key go-kart products available with a modern electrical powered drive.

Electric go-karts are driven by a series of specialist fast recharge batteries that supply a 48V delivery system to the car, the power is managed by an on-board ECU system that combines power management with the same remote safety systems available on conventionally powered karts.

Whichever option suits your operation better, all Formula K go karts are manufactured to the same exacting standards.

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Who we work with

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