Launch of new compact version of the Mini-Quad at EAG 2015

Over the last few months we have been developing an additional new version of our most popular Mini-car, the Quad.

The Original Quad has been, and is currently still the most versatile of all the children’s coin-op cars that we produce, and will remain in the line up of 2015 production models in its recognised form.

So, what could we do to make to change the quad for even more versatility ?

Responding to feedback from potential clients who only have a few square metres for a mini-car track, we decided that the original quad needed a version that would be more usable in very small areas normally thought to be unfeasible in size for a track.  The overall dimensions of the quad remain roughly similar although the width has been narrowed whilst keeping the recognised appearance of the quad.

What it was accepted we needed to do, is to decrease the turning circle from the already super tight 1.2M, to do this it has been back to the drawing board on how we make the car turn so tightly without compromising the looks of one of the most appealing looking mini cars we have ever produced.   To do this we retained the traditional 4 wheel design but rendered the front wheel inactive, all the steering is done via a hidden single wheel positioned further back than the virtual front axle.  This new steering geometry allows the car to turn in half the original circle of the standard quad, it also makes the steering incredibly light and easy to manage for smaller children.  Comfort and ride quality is not compromised as the hidden wheel remains a standard pneumatic tyre, giving cushioning, grip and to the ride quality.

Whilst this new addition to the line-up only adds subtle visual differences to the range, the excitement is in the new opportunities for venues to operate mini-cars when the available space, rendered the concept a non-starter.  We have experimented and are looking at a realistic footprint of 5m x 4m for a 2 car operation.  Initially arcades and Indoor play operations seem the most likely to benefit from the ability to put to use compact areas but the potential is endless.

This new quad version will be shown on our stand for the first time at the EAG 2015 Expo at Excel in London on 13th – 15th January 2015.  Be sure to pop over to our stand number 913 to check it out.

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