32 Formula K mini cars for German Park group

Following on from the EAS exhibition at Gothenburg in Sweden in October last year.  Formula K secured the order to supply 32 mini cars to Karls Tourismus in Germany. Karls is a group of family owned parks in Germany which are based around agricultural food production and in particular their strawberry farms. Amongst the natural attractions available at the Karls operations there is activities for children and Formula K was chosen as the supplier of the coin operated mini-cars which will feature at all of the parks.  The park owners decided on a combination of Formula K cars featuring a selection of the Jeep, cabrio car and traditional tractor styles. Installation of the new cars at all the cars will be completed later this month ready for the early season visitors.

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Ranger brought into the range of mini cars

April 5, 2019
Formula K has developed one of its most striking prototype designs into a full commercially ready operational mini-car. The Ranger, a recognizable off-road styled children’s car was originally developed...


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