The Tractor gets a face lift !

One of the most popular Formula K mini cars has been the original Tractor.  Always among the first choice for Farm parks and similar outdoor attractions.  The Tractor was Formula K’s early designs and while the model retains its reliability, solid engineering and visual charm it has had an overdue facelift.  The new model now boasts a redesigned bonnet, front grill profile and probably most notably a complete change in design of the headlamps (which can now incorporate more efficient and brighter LED lamps in a more protected Polyurethane moulded lamp unit).

This new look tractor is being received with great enthusiasm wherever we show it.

New style tractor in Red


Formula K are without doubt, our preferred supplier of battery operated mini-cars.
Graham, Dan and all the Formula K team always ensure that the highest standard of customer care and product quality is achieved at all times, Formula K are highly regarded.

Jonathan Barker
Leisurematic Ltd


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