Control Systems

Go Kart and mini-car control systems

We supply safety control systems for all our vehicles. Handing control of the motion of the Kart or mini-car to the operator ensuring the highest level of safety possible, particularly during the end of a ride and rider changeover period which are commonly the key higher risk times of any ride cycle.

Mini car control system.

The Electronics system (ECU) fitted to each car controls the overall management of the ride, activation (coin mech) ride timing and automatic end of ride shutdown, therefore the safety control system for the mini cars is a simple operator controlled safety override. Ensuring the staff member can at anytime cut the functionality of the foot pedal of all cars as a group and bring cars to a stop at any point during a ride.

complete mini car control system

Go kart control system

An operator safety control system is a must have for any uncontrolled go kart ride, to ensure the safety of both staff and customers alike, there is also a huge benefit in terms of impact and wear and tear damage to the vehicles and track.
The full Go kart control system unlike the simple mini car control is an entire ride management system which streamlines operation efficiency whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety.

The system releases the cars to operate freely for a preset duration, whereupon all vehicles will become inactive automatically signalling the end of ride cycle. The operator can at this point bring the cars to a stop at the changeover area at a controlled and variable speed to suit the track layout and changeover environment. All cars can be paused at anytime during a ride duration to assist the staff in attending any obstruction or incident on track. In emergency situation there is a full “Engine Kill” mode to instantly stop any engines running.

Go-kart control system


We have been operating Formula K Electric Go Karts for the past 4 years, I am exceptionally happy with the product, right from the initial delivery and setup through to the operating of them and the backup services regarding spare parts and technical assistance. Like any Go Karts they require looking after, however with planned maintenance we have been able to ensure very minimal down time on any of the karts.

The Karts have maintained their appearance over the years and is still a major attraction in our park.

Simon Yeates
Crealy Adventure Park


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