Mini-Tractors going Stateside !

Formula K has recently supplied a fleet of its ride-on battery powered mini-tractors to a new park operator in Texas City, USA.

Formula K has a long established export history of its larger full sized conventionally powered vehicles across the USA, with hundreds of its vehicles in operation, but the smaller scaled coin-operated vehicles specifically for younger children is a concept that is relatively new to a previously “bigger is better” stateside market.

With so many rural area and such a huge history of agriculture and an appreciation of farming equipment in North America, Formula K’s tractor styled mini-car is a perfect fit for so many operators in this huge market that seem to now be starting to embrace the smaller secondary spend attraction that Formula K mini-cars are well renowned for.

The Tractor is an extremely popular model at farm parks in the UK and abroad and is one of Formula K’s mainstay models.

It has fully automated ride management systems incorporated into the ECU and can be operated on a widely varied floor-space.

The Tractors will be shipped to Adventure Pointe, Texas in early July with the parks opening due late 2018 ready for the kids to enjoy.

Adventure Pointe, USA – mini tractor pre-shipment


Paultons Park first opened our Go Kart Track in 1989. Formula K supplied the Go Karts then and on every subsequent occasion after this whenever we decided to replace them.
We have never looked anywhere else, the Karts are well built, uncomplicated and reliable.
The service and back up from Formula K is and always has been first class, they are a family run business that understands what an Operator requires.
We have no hesitation in recommending Formula K as a supplier.

Richard Mancey
Paultons Park


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