Le Mans

The Le Mans two seater sports racer has been produced to maximise customer potential by combining all the usual requirements of a rental circuit with the constant demand for a family ride. The striking sports car body style accommodates up to a maximum of two adults. With its fully upholstered cockpit, left and right foot pedals and fully enclosing spring steel bumper system, the Le Mans is the finest twin seater rental kart available.


Engine – Petrol Choice of Honda 5.5 or 6.5 HP 4-stroke with Honda 2:1 reduction wet clutch.
Dimensions 206 x 137 x 84cms
Chassis Box section 50×25, 12-gauge construction with 25×25 triangulated reinforcement.
Body GRP with tool-less quick release system and polyurethene foam padded seating area.
Transmission Wet clutch driving direct to polychain drive belt system.
Wheels and tyres 8” Dia 1 piece steel wheel assembly supporting heavy duty tubeless tyres
Controls Rod operated two pedal system (accelerator and brake).
Brakes Driver side rod operated two-pedal system (accelerator and brake).
Brakes Twin self adjusting hydraulic disc brakes to both rear wheels
Bumpers Fully enclosing rubber mounted spring steel bumper system
Bearings All moving parts fitted with heavy duty bearings
Remote Cut-out Full remote control ride management system available as an option


We have been operating Formula K Electric Go Karts for the past 4 years, I am exceptionally happy with the product, right from the initial delivery and setup through to the operating of them and the backup services regarding spare parts and technical assistance. Like any Go Karts they require looking after, however with planned maintenance we have been able to ensure very minimal down time on any of the karts.

The Karts have maintained their appearance over the years and is still a major attraction in our park.

Simon Yeates
Crealy Adventure Park


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