The Delta is a highly popular full bodied go-kart mounted on our dependable and robust chassis system. With the high standard of refinements and safety features such as the fully padded eating area, integrated head frame seatbelt system, and rubber mounted spring steel bumper system the Delta is easy, fun and safe to drive for a wide range of driver abilities and age groups, whilst remaining simple and easy to maintain for the operator.


Dimensions 170 x 120 x 65cms.
Engine Choice of Honda 5.5 or 6.5 HP 4 stroke fitted with Honda 2:1 reduction wet clutch.
Chassis Box section 50×25 12 gauge construction with 25×25 triangulated reinforcement.
Body Reinforced glass fibre bodywork with polyurethene foam padded seating area
Transmission Wet clutch driving direct to triple V-belt drive.
Wheels and tyres 5” Dia two piece nylon wheel assembly supporting heavy duty 12×4.00-5 tyres/tubes.
Controls Rod operated two-pedal system (accelerator and brake).
Brakes Twin self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes to both rear wheels.
Bumpers Fully enclosing rubber mounted spring steel bumper system.
Bearings All moving parts fitted with heavy duty bearings
Remote Cut-out Full remote control ride management system available as an option


Paultons Park first opened our Go Kart Track in 1989. Formula K supplied the Go Karts then and on every subsequent occasion after this whenever we decided to replace them.
We have never looked anywhere else, the Karts are well built, uncomplicated and reliable.
The service and back up from Formula K is and always has been first class, they are a family run business that understands what an Operator requires.
We have no hesitation in recommending Formula K as a supplier.

Richard Mancey
Paultons Park


Based in the UK

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