Electric & Petrol Concession Karts

Formula-K’s concession go-karts are perfect for older children and fun-loving adults. With petrol and electric power options, you can choose a system that fits with your location. Our concession go-karts enable you to:

  •  Add a profitable revenue stream to your organisation
  •  Bring colour, family fun and action to any unused space
  •  Create an attraction at which you can develop club membership and other customer programmes
  •  Choose between petrol or electric motors – the latter ideal where quieter/ environmentally sensitive operation is a consideration
  •  Use custom branding on cars and track accessories to promote your business

Concession go-karts are more popular than ever and they’re a great way to add value to your business. The activity complements:

  •  Existing attractions with indoor and outdoor areas
  •  Owners of disused industrial space or suitable brownfield sites
  •  Larger caravan and holiday parks
  •  Inspect the pit lane and decide which car suits you…


Formula K are without doubt, our preferred supplier of battery operated mini-cars.
Graham, Dan and all the Formula K team always ensure that the highest standard of customer care and product quality is achieved at all times, Formula K are highly regarded.

Jonathan Barker
Leisurematic Ltd


Based in the UK

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