Electric & Petrol Concession Karts

Formula-K’s concession go-karts are perfect for older children and fun-loving adults. With petrol and electric power options, you can choose a system that fits with your location. Our concession go-karts enable you to:

  •  Add a profitable revenue stream to your organisation
  •  Bring colour, family fun and action to any unused space
  •  Create an attraction at which you can develop club membership and other customer programmes
  •  Choose between petrol or electric motors – the latter ideal where quieter/ environmentally sensitive operation is a consideration
  •  Use custom branding on cars and track accessories to promote your business

Concession go-karts are more popular than ever and they’re a great way to add value to your business. The activity complements:

  •  Existing attractions with indoor and outdoor areas
  •  Owners of disused industrial space or suitable brownfield sites
  •  Larger caravan and holiday parks
  •  Inspect the pit lane and decide which car suits you…


We have been operating Formula K Electric Go Karts for the past 4 years, I am exceptionally happy with the product, right from the initial delivery and setup through to the operating of them and the backup services regarding spare parts and technical assistance. Like any Go Karts they require looking after, however with planned maintenance we have been able to ensure very minimal down time on any of the karts.

The Karts have maintained their appearance over the years and is still a major attraction in our park.

Simon Yeates
Crealy Adventure Park


Based in the UK

Some of our clients