Formula K launches new Jeep mini car model

The latest styled coin op Formula K mini car was launched recently at the EAS 2014 (Euro Amusement Show) held in Amsterdam.

The first full production model in a bright orange bodywork finish (albeit with only basic graphic work) was displayed and warmly received by all that visited our stand.

The Jeep style uses the same platform as the Toro and Cabrio models yet with a strikingly different styling concept. With every new design there is a balance between styling, dynamics and ergonomics to be struck and its safe to be said that the new Jeep has been painstakingly designed to fine detail to get this balance right.

The recognised format of a secondary parental assistance seat remains as does all the proven 24V power delivery system and electronic coin validation of the other mini cars in the range. The power efficient LED head and tail lights that we have incorporated make the Jeep visually impressive in motion, particularly in a themed indoor location.

The Jeep will be on the stand next at the EAG 2015 show at Excel in London on January 13th-15th.

All early impressions and enquiries for the vehicle from its initial launch will suggest that sales for this new model will be strong for the 2015 season and will be a worthy addition to our mini-car stable.


We have been operating Formula K Electric Go Karts for the past 4 years, I am exceptionally happy with the product, right from the initial delivery and setup through to the operating of them and the backup services regarding spare parts and technical assistance. Like any Go Karts they require looking after, however with planned maintenance we have been able to ensure very minimal down time on any of the karts.

The Karts have maintained their appearance over the years and is still a major attraction in our park.

Simon Yeates
Crealy Adventure Park


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