Formula K at Warner Bros

We are extremely proud to be the chosen mini car supplier for the new”Junior Driving School” attraction at Warner Bros Movie World in Queensland Australia.

The collaboration began early 2013, with some concept ideas of an open top roadster style car to operate within themed urban driving environment for young children, which was scheduled to open at the beginning of the 2014 season.

A current stock mini-car model on which the new model would be based was sent to Australia in February 2013 for the senior technical staff and designers at the Park to undergo a quality, design and construction evaluation. A “passed with flying colours” assessment was swiftly rubber stamped.

So on with the styling of a car fitting of such a high profile attraction
Over the following 9 months from these early discussions and concepts the Formula K “Cabrio” was created and the prototype air freighted to Movie World Australia later on in the year.
The positive response to this new model when unboxed and first tested by the staff at Movie world was swift and unanimous, The Cabrio was going to be ideal for the new attraction and an initial order for 30 cars was sent to us within days, with cars to be delivered in time for the official attraction launch in the latter part of 2014.

This first shipment left our factory in North Wales on schedule, boxed and destined to arrive in Brisbane some weeks later.

As is typical with companies like Warner Bros, the theming and final presentation of the complete attraction is magical and something we can justifiably say, we are extremely proud as a manufacturer to have contributed to.

Within days of the attraction being launched, the popularity of the ride has required the site operators to place a further order of 10 additional Cabrio cars to bring the number up to 40 vehicles.

An early review of the attraction from website had these positives to say.

We went along to Warner Bros. Movie World to try out their new ride for younger children, “Junior Driving School”.
So, did the kids like it?  It was quite possibly one of the most adorable rides I’ve ever seen!
The kids went on it 12 times.  I probably don’t need to say much more to verify their enjoyment of the ride.


Paultons Park first opened our Go Kart Track in 1989. Formula K supplied the Go Karts then and on every subsequent occasion after this whenever we decided to replace them.
We have never looked anywhere else, the Karts are well built, uncomplicated and reliable.
The service and back up from Formula K is and always has been first class, they are a family run business that understands what an Operator requires.
We have no hesitation in recommending Formula K as a supplier.

Richard Mancey
Paultons Park


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